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Greetings, traveler! It appears you have not yet ventured here before, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Arcane! Feel free to take a look around our world and browse the characters on-site. To learn everything you need to know, we recommend checking out our Guidebook. If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to reach out in the #Help server on our Discord or contact the staff team via email. We hope to have you join us in this adventure!

With the banishment of the Arcane, Aldanor was left defenseless, his portal haphazardly torn open. It wasn’t instantaneous but as the world continued to plummet into chaos, the tear in the portal slowly revealed itself and was discovered by travelers far and wide. The ravages of war left the kings and the thrones they fought for battered and broken, hierarchies and armies fallen. For the very first time, travelers from the outside world took their first steps in the Fyreborn Islands.

After centuries of unrest, everything came to a cautious standstill. It would bring to Aldanor a new era of life. Though inherent in every being, they know that there is only power waiting to be taken here.

10 October

Arcane is officially open for beta testing! We want to give characters an opportunity to explore the world and test our systems right off the bat, so we will be holding off on leadership auditions for the immediate future. Periodically throughout beta testing surveys will be sent out to receive feedback and make any adjustments to gameplay deemed necessary to ensure we open with a satisfactory game for all and once we feel that the game is ready, we will go public. Tentative date for this is next month, but that is subject to change if we feel we are not quite ready. We have worked hard on this for awhile, and are so excited to finally share this with you all!



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General updates, breeding and creating foals, adopting a new character, site resources and so on all available here.

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This board is used as a collective database for flora, fauna, historical documents, myths, legends and more!

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The Freelands

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The freelands are notable for being completely open to roam and wander across. They are located in various places across Aldanor, and traveling between the realms often requires you to go through them. It is uncertain just what may occur in these ungoverned lands.

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Noldorin is a large mountain range so tall it’s peaks are hidden amongst the clouds. It is difficult to traverse the range with many treacherous slopes and cliffs. Only experienced climbers can scale the heights successfully; travelers without wings are usually forced to go around it. Most of the lower range is covered in tonnes of snow, the higher peaks covered in sheer ice. The upper regions frequently experience constant, harsh winds. Hot springs can be found hidden within the range. Above the surface of the clouds, Noldorin is filled with floating islands made of raw gemstones of all kinds, both large and small, only accessible by flight.

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The entrance to Ihasia is found beneath the surface of Aldanor’s continental landmass, accessible through almost all of the waterways. Perhaps the largest kingdom simply for the fact all of the cerulean depths are it’s territory. It is largely notable for the seemingly violent waves that crash above the surface, though underwater it is a truly serene and peaceful kingdom. It’s unknown just how deep it goes, the seafloor is attainable to reach in some places but seems to never appear in others. There are rumors that if you go down deep enough, you can reach the core of the planet though no one has ever returned from their efforts to confirm if that is true.

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Lohirn as a whole puts Redsorest to shame; the coniferous trees here are thicker than ten trees are wide and they stretch up over three hundred feet tall, far enough that the sky is completely obscured by leaves. The trunks are covered in a thin, silky yellow bark and branches adorned with long, thin, and wispy handfuls of frail orange needles, planted intricately together to create a complicated labyrinth only it’s citizens know how to navigate. Sunlight filters through on rare occasions, but Lohirn is lit by magnificent lichen that has learned to glow in the dark and bio-luminescent moss, giving it an otherworldly feel.

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The expansive desert is covered in barren, obsidian sand, jagged rocks and monuments from an older age are scattered around the realm of Mithyria. It is completely devoid of life on the surface, and fresh water can only be found by the skilled. If you journey far enough across the desert plain, you may find an entrance to their caves hidden beneath a jumble of the jagged rocks. Their cavern system is lined with gemstones offering an ethereal glow and stretches for miles, and by some accounts, hasn't even been fully mapped out. Some say that it goes down deeper than Ihasia. The cavern system has its own rain cycle, allowing them to live comfortably underground.

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